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How you can help:

At the Centre, the care and feeding of the animals is a never-ending endeavor. It goes on 365 days of the year. Since its inception, its founders have regularly invested a very high percentage of their own personal savings into its needs without ever looking back. (So much for RRSPs!) A small donation from you can go a long way towards helping with the animals daily requirements, and making it possible for the Centre to continue to grow and flourish.

The physical cost of their housing and its constant maintenance, upgrades, and expansion, and the animals daily needs take up a large percentage of the Centre’s budget, but this says nothing of the many of the other costs associated with the upkeep of the species in our care.

For example, perhaps you would prefer to contribute to the ever present cost of maintaining the Bats in their necessary climate controlled environments. The areas that the bats occupy must be kept between approximately 80 to 90 degrees fahrenheit, winter and summer. Since this is done with electricity, and it is very expensive. This is one area, among many where we certainly could use your help.

We need public support for every aspect of the care of the animals at the Centre. If you would like your donation to be directed to any particular species or animal, please do not hesitate to make that request.

Our charitable registration number can be seen in the footer of almost every page of this website. We will supply a Tax Deductible receipt for any donation over $25.00. (This does not apply to membership fees, or to the Adopt-A-Species Program though. That’s unfortunately just part of the way the rules work.)

The future of the Centre, and what it can accomplish depends upon the funds raised through public support. We do not wish to limit what the Centre can accomplish, or the numbers of species that the Centre assists, but without public support the Centre cannot continue to grow, or fulfill its function and objectives.

Below are some of the ways that you can assist the Centre in its fundraising efforts.

Please note that all of the funds raised for the Centre, go directly into the care and requirements of the animals, and needs of the Centre, not into corporate salaries, or expensive campaigns.

***** We need your help now! *****

How often have you watched a television program on rare and endangered wildlife, and felt helpless knowing species were slipping away, only wishing you could become more directly involved?

You can become involved by sending a donation of any size to the Centre to help us with our work. Please ensure that we have your correct name and address for your tax deductible receipt (donations $25 and over)

Remember, by sending a donation to us, you will be contributing to the benefit of future generations. You will help ensure that the species we have now, and others species the Centre will endeavor to place into future breeding projects will not become extinct.

You can use the button below to donate through, and get your tax deductible receipt online in minutes!

Or send your donation via the postal system to:

The Centre for the Conservation of Specialized Species

RR #2 Havelock, Ontario, Canada, K0L 1Z0

A tax deductible receipt will be sent by the Centre for any donation of more than $25.00 made to the Centre via the postal system.

We also have an Adopt-a-Species program! Click here to learn more about it!
Contact us today for more information on ways you can help!

A Young immature Male Snowy Owl enjoys a feeding at the Centre. This one is 8 weeks old.