~ Help us in our effort to continue contributing to the conservation of our planet's most fragile creatures. ~

The Centre needs your help!

open pit mine

An open pit mine has started blasting right across the street from the Centre!

(The above photos are for illustration only, and are not pictures of the actual mine across from our old site.)

Unfortunately wherever the plans for conservation and the plans of mankind conflict, it is always conservation efforts that suffer!

As a direct result of an open pit mine starting operation just across the street from the Centre, the Centre has found that it is no exception to this unfortunate fact.

Fortunately after a gruelling 2 year plus search and at the last minute, the Centre has finally found a new place to call home just north west of Ottawa our nations Capital. There is so much to be done and so little time!.


How you can help:

Funding for the Centre's relocation is extremely limited, and we are urgently seeking funding to continue relocation the Centre to its new location.

We are seeking volunteers for both the move and the construction of aviaries. We are also seeking donations of building materials and supplies.

If you can help in any way at all, please contact us!

Swainsons nesting


If you have found an injured bird of prey (hawk, falcon, owl, etc.), contact the Centre and our experienced staff can assist in determining what steps should be taken to ensure the bird receives the best possible care.


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