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The Centre's Medieval Traditional Falconry Presentations

Although the Centre’s Outreach Programs normally focus on environmental issues, we do have extensive experience with falconry and at least one Master Falconer on hand to provide the highest level of educational material pertaining to this ancient and honourable pastime. In fact all of the birds used during our educational programs are trained using European traditional falconry techniques of the finest quality.

When providing a falconry only presentation, we use the same species of raptors that were actually used in medieval Europe. These include the Lanner, the Saker, and even the famous Peregrine Falcon. This adds to the authenticity of the presentation. We also discuss the other native European species that were used in this region during that period.

Our standard falconry presentation covers the early beginnings of the sport, up to its emergence in Europe. It covers what species were commonly used, the traditional uses of falconry, what “classes” of people were allowed to practice the sport, how wild birds were obtained as well as why they were preferred, (after all this was prior to captive breeding), and a step by step description of the training process for the different types of birds of prey used by Traditional Falconry. All of the Centre’s programs can be customized, and other topics can be added to this presentation when requested.

At the end of the presentation the public is encouraged to touch a live falcon, and depending on the size of the crowd, may also be allowed to hold a bird. This provides a wonderful opportunity for photographs as well. Flying presentations are sometimes available, depending upon the environment. Public and animal safety is always our highest priority.

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If you have found an injured bird of prey (hawk, falcon, owl, etc.), contact the Centre and our experienced staff can assist in determining what steps should be taken to ensure the bird receives the best possible care.


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