Community Outreach Programs

The Centre’s Community Outreach Program focuses upon educating the public at fairs and festivals throughout Ontario. We offer two unique options to organizers: our typical presentations, and our interactive displays.

Our typical presentation is similar to the programs we offer to schools and libraries in that we normally bring a hawk, falcon, two owls and three species of bats. The lineup of animals is somewhat dependant upon the venue. We are unable to bring bats to outdoor events, and some birds are sensitive to disturbances such as vehicles, BBQ smoke, etc. These details are always discussed before the event is booked.

The length of these presentations can vary from half an hour to over two hours, depending upon the audience. Many topics can be addressed. These may include special adaptations, biodiversity, ecosystems, habitat loss, climate change, species at risk, etc. Our presentations are not scripted, so that allows us to customize the content to best suit the audience.

Our presentations offer a high degree of interactivity. Questions are always welcome, and people are encouraged to touch many of the animals, (depending on audience and circumstances). As with all of our programs, we do not charge extra for additional presentations within the same day. This allows us to reach a wider audience during a single appearance.

Interactive displays are a very popular educational option for many festivals and fairs. We are a yearly attraction for many events. Essentially this means a table or booth setup with animals on display at all times. We normally bring a falcon and two owls. Bats can be included providing the venue is indoors.

The falcon can be touched during the majority of the day, as can the owls. This provides a wonderfully interactive experience for the public in addition to providing fantastic photo opportunities. It also ensures that the majority of the public attending the event can benefit and learn about the importance of wildlife conservation from our appearance. We are happy to answer any questions the public has; not only about the birds on display, but also about the environmental and wildlife conservation in general.

Interactive displays can last extended periods, normally over four hours, depending on the event schedule. Because of this extended period of time, we are unable to bring some of the more sensitive animals. The only requirements for the setup of an interactive display is shade from the sun and reasonably calm surroundings. Moving objects such as vehicles, Ferris wheels, and balloons can cause the animals undue stress. Steps must be taken to ensure this is avoided.

Regardless of which option an event chooses, The Centres educational wildlife conservation programs are always very popular with the public. People of all ages truly enjoy the opportunity to interact with these animals and learn fascinating details about their natural lives. It is a wonderful opportunity to help raise awareness about conservation issues, and to enlighten the public about the many incredible animals with which we share this planet, in a lasting and memorable manner that truly makes a difference.

The Centre's Library, Park, and Youth Group Programs

Our Educational Outreach Programs are not limited to the classroom; we also offer our program to libraries, provincial parks, and a variety of groups. In fact, we visit many libraries and parks on a yearly basis. Our programs can be tailored to any age group, including any subject matter requested.

We normally bring a hawk, falcon, two owls, and three species of bats. This lineup can be adjusted depending upon the program requested. We can easily provide presentations focusing only on birds of prey or bats. Another popular option is an exclusively nocturnal program featuring owls and bats.

The length of the presentation varies from a half hour to over two hours, depending on the audience. As with all of our programs, we are willing to provide multiple presentations during the same visit for no additional fee. This allows for the possibility of two separate presentations geared for different audiences.

The content of the presentations varies depending upon the audience; we are able to address a wide variety of subjects. Special adaptations, biodiversity, ecosystems, habitat loss, climate change, and species at risk are just some of the topics we can discuss. Our programs are never scripted, allowing us to offer a great degree of customizability to our clients.

Our presentations are very interactive. Questions are always welcomed, and we allow the public to touch many of the animals; such as owls, falcons and even bats. Another exciting aspect of our programs is the use of computers, which allows us to add important visual augmentation to the topics we are discussing.

We are very flexible about the venues that we can setup in during our presentations. The only requirements are adequate space for the animals to feel secure when they are on display, shade from the sun when we are outdoors, and a reasonably quiet area so that the animals are not scared by vehicles, moving doors, etc. Due to temperature stability requirements, bats can only be included if the venue is indoors.

Please contact us for more information about our community outreach programs, pricing options, availability, and references.

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If you have found an injured bird of prey (hawk, falcon, owl, etc.), contact the Centre and our experienced staff can assist in determining what steps should be taken to ensure the bird receives the best possible care.


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