The Centre's Captive Propagation Programs

A clutch of Snowy Owlets, Bubo scandiacus being hand fed. This is done to allow the parents to nest again and then these young are reintroduced to the parents.

The Centre’s captive propagation (breeding programs) have been highly successful over the years we have been in operation. Over 30 bird of prey and bat species have successfully produced young at the Centre. We have also successfully bred many other species. These include primates, such as bush babies (Galago moholi), and even a wide variety of arthropods (insects).

Some of the better known species that have bred at the Centre include Bald Eagles, Peregrine Falcons, Snowy Owls, and fruit bats. However, we are very proud of some of the more difficult to breed species that have produced young for us. Ferruginous hawks (Buteo regalis and Swainson’s hawks, (Buteo swainsoni) Prairie falcons, (Falco mexicanus), and even Vampire Bats (Desmodus rotundus) are but a few examples of traditionally difficult species that have thrived at the Centre.

At the Centre we strive to provide our breeding animals with a “simulated wild environment”, which entails ensuring as little human interference and disturbance as possible. Many of our most outstanding successes propagating specialized species have been with animals that were injured in the wild and now thrive in the safety and seclusion at our Centre.

Some of the animals born at the Centre are used in captive propagation on-site, or in our educational programs off-site. Others are placed in other similar zoological or educational facilities, as is determined to be the best choice to further their species survival on earth. We DO NOT sell animals to the pet trade! We feel very responsible for the ALL animals at our Centre, and as such take great care to ensure that they are placed in safe, high quality reputable facilities that share to ensure their contribution to conservations efforts worldwide.

Unfortunately at the present time we do not directly release animals born at the Centre back into the wild. This is simply not financially possible for our facility as of yet. However, we hope to be able to do this in the future, and of course if requested, we will provide animals for wild release programs. This is after all what it is all about. Restoring the balance of nature!

We have found that at our Centre's best contributions to worldwide conservation efforts are in furthering the captive propagation of specialized species themselves; thereby ensuring their very survival on earth, and through our educational programs which raise public awareness. This important work outweighs the benefit of the Centre itself investing in a release programs when funds are limited. The added cost alone would amount to a very limited number of individual animals being released. By the Centre providing progeny for such release programs, much more can be accomplished.


If you have found an injured bird of prey (hawk, falcon, owl, etc.), contact the Centre and our experienced staff can assist in determining what steps should be taken to ensure the bird receives the best possible care.



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