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The Centre for the Conservation of Specialized Species website , offers detailed information about the Centre's educational and Captive breeding programs. We encourage you to take a tour of the site and learn more about the Centre and the important work it does.

About the Centre

Established in 1987, the Centre is a registered charitable organization dedicated to contributing to the conservation of threatened and endangered species though its educational and captive propagation programs. The Centre is home to over 300 animals such as birds of prey and bats.

How we contribute to Wildlife Conservation


Educating The Public

Educational Programs

The Centre is currently taking bookings for the 2016 autumn and winter seasons.

For more information about our school and library programs or to enquire about our interactive displays, contact the Centre at:

(705) 778-5273 or email us at: staff@conservationcentre.org

The Centre visits schools throughout Ontario discussing conservation issues and raising awareness about the environment. Over 5,000 students every year get the chance to interact with amazing animals like owls, hawks and bats. We also educate the general public by visiting local community events and libraries.

Captive Propagation Programs

The Centre has been successfully captive propagating, (breeding in captivity) birds of prey for 29 years. The animals produced at the Centre are used in educational and captive breeding programs world wide. We do not allow our animals to fall into the pet trade, our animals are only sent to registered and licensed facilities to further Conservation efforts worldwide.



Providing a second chance to injured wild Birds

Have you found an injured raptor?

If you have found an injured bird of prey (hawk, falcon, owl, etc.) you can contact the Centre and our experienced staff can offer advice and help evaluate the bird to see what further steps can be taken to ensure it receives the best possible care.

The Centre can be reached 24 hours a day at:

(705) 778-5273 or email us at: staff@conservationcentre.org

Throughout the past 29 years, the Centre has provided a safe

and stress-free home to many birds of prey that have been

injured in the wild. These are birds that have suffered injuries

so severe, that sadly they could not be released back into the

wild. Rather than beingeuthanized, they were sent to us and

used in our breeding programs so that they may do their part

in captivity to further their species survival.



The Centre's future is in serious jeopardy!

An open pit mine has started blasting right across the street from the Centre!

Unfortunately wherever the plans for Conservation and the plans of mankind conflict, it is always Conservation efforts that suffer!

As a direct result of an open pit mine starting operation just across the street from the Centre, the Centre has found that it is no exception to this unfortunate fact.

Tragically, unless the Centre finds a new place to call home and fast, the Centre will completely disappear!

Unfortunately funding for the Centre's relocation is extremely limited!

Therefore, the Centre is very urgently looking for a new location to relocate its facility upon.

The Centre is seeking a property consisting of:

• A bare minimum of 5 acres located near a major road in eastern Ontario Canada.

• This property must have at least one serviceable building with a well and septic system already on it.

• This property must be zoned to allow the Centre to open to the public upon it.

• There must be no exotic animal bylaw in effect or there must be a written exemption pertaining to the Centre in place.

If you can help, please click: HERE